Street Fighter IV Launch Event

[NOTE: Street Fighter IV was released earlier this year and Capcom celebrated with style. I went to “cover” it with a few friends and had a blast going hands-on with the title in a huge venue with hundreds of fans. I got a cool, SF-emblazoned hat as well! I’ll update with more pics later…]


Latest Draft Dated February 2, 2009 — Kezins’ history with Street Fighter IV has been well documented, but last night was the icing on the cake. Capcom celebrated 20 years of Street Fighter and we took pictures of the proceedings.

They held the event at the The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art (aka “MOCA”) and being about an hour away from LA we hit up the site early. Some of the performing acts tried to get us to care about them and we, henceforth, took pictures of their promotional items upside down.

After a bit of waiting, we got Ryu-style bandanas to play around with. Adrian appropriately described our co-horts, Jonathan “J-rock” Macias and “Sapo,” as “you guys look like you’re about to team rape someone. Frightening!” One would be hard-pressed to disagree and say that they’re just excited to be playing some SFIV before anyone else.

First, on tap for us inside the event were some beautifully drawn-on cabinets that we’re put up for bid. The earnings going to a charity that, unfortunately, we can’t recall (yes, we’re jerks…sorry).

While everyone was busy busting out supers and cheating with Blanka (*cough* Adrian *cough*) we jumped at a photo op with SFIV Producer, Yoshinori Ono. Nice guy…lots of “thank you for comings.”

Before too long, though, the cast of the upcoming “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” came and spoiled a bit of the evening. Michael Clarke Duncan sure seemed excited about the flick, but no amount of yelling will get us to watch it. Especially now that we’ve seen “The Green Mile” star up-close? He’s just like real people trying to sell us a car — in this case, a movie.

No worries, loyal listener, the night quickly turned worthwhile. We got a chance to play with both console versions and came out impressed. Word of advice? Pick up some arcade sticks (or at least, the Fightpads) for whatever version you plan on picking up. The Xbox 360s d-pad made us slide too much into the Xbox Guide — interrupting the fluidity of our matches — and the DualShock d-pad? Shit just hurts your fingers!

Yes, we know: “Wussies!” We’ll disregard your comment, though, since the PS3 version dissed us enough by constantly reminding us that “You did not earn a trophy.”

At the end of the night fun was had by all — most of all by Jrizzle who was a complete gentleman when he possed with the sexy Chun-Li cosplayer. Thanks for the memories, Capcom!


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