E3 Expectations: ‘Crackdown 2’

crackdown 2 title

If you’ve listened in to the Kezins GameCast at all, you know of my profound love for Realtime Worlds’ Crackdown. It was the game that came with your purchase of the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta but after playing it you knew it was so much more. Realtime gave you a massive open world where you and a buddy could jump around at your own leisure — working together or not — to find all those elusive agility orbs.

Ruffian games, which is made up of former Realtime Worlds guys, premiered a trailer for the sequel at Microsoft’s press conference. Here are a few of my thoughts on it.

4-Player Co-op

crackdown 2 overlook

Apart from the trailer, most of the “numbers” for the game have been addressed elsewhere. With Crackdown 1, the series was a two-player game, but with the advent of Halo 3‘s 4-player co-op, it’s nice to see Ruffian Games take notice and multiplying the player count. Mostly, I’d like to see just how they apply it and if the added players will slow down (i.e. lag) the gameplay or even what kind of lobby system they go with. Hopefully, it’s quick drop-in, drop-out so the experience is never broken up when people leave or join in. Also, it was usually pretty easy to take on bosses in online co-op, will they ratchet up the difficulty to even that out?

16-Player Online

crackdown 2 point

The multiplayer that was in the original game was, clearly, not the main focus and only because of the follow-up DLC were people able to actually demolish each other in competition. Now, right from the onset, multiplayer will feature 16-player firefights that are sure to amaze — especially after everyone is all souped up. I can already see it getting bat-shit insane in the world with rockets and incendiary grenades forging chaos in the streets. Although, I do worry that it might get old if it doesn’t provide a hook like single-player where you’re always looking for that next, resonating orb.


crackdown 2 landing

About the story…uh, that’s something of concern. I don’t mind the darker tones going on in the trailer, but now there’s “infected” in the game?! RE5 did it earlier in the year, Left 4 Dead 2 will do it again in the fall, is there room for it in Crackdown? The first game was enjoyable in that you could take it in at your own pace, but now there will be the pressure of zombies/infected/whatever running around. I’m already having dreaded visions of timed events, hordes swooping in periodically, and your own character contracting a virus that you need to stave off. What do you guys think?


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