The Big 3: Who Had the Best Booth?

Never mind the games, fancy talk, and booth babes*. Who, out of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft spent the most cheese to get our attention at this year’s E3? Follow me as I rank them based on who got more sprinkles in my eyes.


microsoft boothOh, Microsoft. I’m all about a clean, minimalistic style but you really did leave number 3your best designer at home, didn’t you? It wasn’t that their floor space lacked excellent titles (Halo: ODST and Left 4 Dead 2 say “Hi”) but nothing about their showcase this year stood out and said: “Come Play Here!” Besides the sweet Forza 3 full-blown, 3-screen cabinet, Microsoft’s spot had a very boring layout with nothing interesting to separate one game from the next and good luck finding anywhere to sit!


nintendo boothNintendo wasn’t any better at letting you sit anywhere, but at least the openness that served as their floor space was integral to how the Wii is used. You had four-player sessions going in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and people swinnumber 2ging back and forth on Wii Sports Resort; it was a perfect setup for people to waggle freely without fear of lawsuits. The company’s upper hand over Microsoft is how they had huge screens everywhere (including the ceiling!) and their mascots prominently displayed on giant billboards. Not just the company’s logo and countless green/orange circles on walls.


sony boothThe best in show was definitely Sony with their creative backdrops, huge screen featuring upcoming titles, and booths that neatly separated one gamenumber 1 from the other. No wonder they had the longest lines…people were drawn to it! And your reward for waiting so long? You got to sit down with a set of headphones and enjoy some early game time with 2009/10’s biggest releases. It didn’t hurt that everyone wanted to get their hands on the PSP Go and a killer lineup to try out all in one tidy, sleek hangout.

* I sent out my good friend, Frankie, and brother, Jrock, to search for the best girls on the show floor for a future “Best Booth Babes” story.


3 Responses to “The Big 3: Who Had the Best Booth?”

  1. Nice review of the big three. I wasn’t there, but after looking up, Sony looked to be the more attractive.

    I heard Ubisoft was pretty awesome too, especially after their press conference.

  2. Carlos Macias Says:

    Considering they had some of the better games on the show floor (Splinter Cell, ACII), they garnered a big crowd.

    Also, they had a huge, lit up mech erected nearby.


  3. […] E3 Opportunity: Scribblenauts Considering how much glitz, glamour and towering publisher booths make up E3, it’s easy to see how one can miss out on the small gems. This, no doubt, was […]

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