Missed E3 Opportunity: Scribblenauts


Considering how much glitz, glamour and towering publisher booths make up E3, it’s easy to see how one can miss out on the small gems. This, no doubt, was aided by the fact that this was my first E3 and I was a mere fly drawn to all the pretty lights.

Some of the biggest buzz coming out of E3 was reserved for a little title known as Scribblenauts. A DS game that’s won a few “Best of” awards — and I missed it.

I love me some original titles and that one seemed to have plenty to spare. The object and scope of the game is incredibly ambitious as it aims to include every noun imaginable…many who tried it failed to stump the game’s vast vocabulary. For every word they put into Scribblenauts, they were rewarded with an accurate representation of it.

funny_cat_pictures_pc_4Cthulhu? Check.

Vampire to battle it? Check.

Flamethrower? Check.

Keyboard Cat (aka LOLcat)? Check.

Instead of standing in an hour-and-a-half-long line to the God of War 3 demo (which I will 100% buy day one), I could have been playing this little marvel. Oh, well. We’re not too far off from the September 15 release now, according to Gamestop. Sometimes, they are extremely accurate and other times…they pull dates out of their asses. We’ll see which one pans out for Scribblenauts.


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