The Baby’s Cryin’!

Lillie 1Lillie Mae Macias. My beautiful daughter was born sixteen days ago in Redlands, California — not too far from her own father’s birth place, actually. Why, San Bernardino is but the next city over.

Yes, the city that in the last few years has risen up the ranks of the most crime-infested cities in the state. Past even Compton’s slime rate…Mr. Dre’s infamous stomping grounds.

Lillie, at least, wont carry the stigma of being “from the hood” and will be looked upon as being born next to Aladdin’s house. Oh, man, I should have taken a picture of that stoopid mansion next to the hospital for this post.

Lillie 2Anyway, life has definitely changed. After a year and a half of cashing the easy unemployment checks I’m back on the grind…albeit far from being gainfully employed. Why no one ever told me diapers didn’t buy themselves is beyond me. Or the formula. Or the wipes. Or the “cloves.”

Whatever the monetary hardships of having a child (especially in this economy) immediately disappear when every time you hold her you are greeted with a reflection of yourself, your living legacy, smiling back at you.

And then she poops her diaper.

Clearly a divination that she’ll be the first woman President. She’ll shit right on her constituency and look you straight in the eye while she does it.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy every moment with her and try to keep up with everything that she’ll learn me along this road called life. I’ll try to keep up by teaching her a thing or two, myself, and giving her all the support, love, and guidance I can to make her happy.

I love you, Lillie.

Wait…”Lillie Mae?” Sounds like a boxer to me. Nix the President idea.
Lillie 3


3 Responses to “The Baby’s Cryin’!”

  1. jesuschristcopkiller Says:


  2. Carlos Macias Says:

    You ARE “first!”

    Borat says: High five!

  3. It’s true: CPT ain’t shit no’ mo’! Glad to hear Lilly’s getting the California love and not the Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thing baby. Good writing Mr. Macias. I was knocked dead with the whole ‘crapping in the diaper but staring right at me’ sentiment. It’s a whole lotta love.

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