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Bringing It Around — Dreamcast Edition

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Dreamcast Logo

As humans, we have the ability to learn from our mistakes. That’s what makes history so important. Video game companies, though, are not human. They are learned differently and can make bone-headed moves that previous generations of hardware and software have made already. Here’s a short list of things that, luckily, they did learn from the 500 or so living days of the once “thinking” Dreamcast. And the one lesson they didn’t. Continue reading


Fast and Furious: A Shadow Complex Twit-Tale

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Last night was crazy. I got to meet people who I admire in the industry: Geoff Keighley, N’Gai Croal, Pete Wanat, and Shadow Complex devs Donald and Laura Mustard.

Before doing so, though, I had to drive out to Los Angeles — an hour or so away from my humble home in Rialto, CA. My brother, J-Rock, and I rolled out to meet Geoff Keighley and friends as soon as he threw up the bat signal for a free Shadow Complex code: Continue reading


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