Fast and Furious: A Shadow Complex Twit-Tale

Last night was crazy. I got to meet people who I admire in the industry: Geoff Keighley, N’Gai Croal, Pete Wanat, and Shadow Complex devs Donald and Laura Mustard.

Before doing so, though, I had to drive out to Los Angeles — an hour or so away from my humble home in Rialto, CA. My brother, J-Rock, and I rolled out to meet Geoff Keighley and friends as soon as he threw up the bat signal for a free Shadow Complex code:

twitpic 1

Due, probably, to the fact that Keighley had been giving out game codes on his Twitter feed some thought it unfair to actually have to meet the guy for a prized ticket!

twitpic 2

twitpic 3

Translation: Putting shoes, panks (yes, that’s a “k”), and grabbing keys right now.

But before I tied my shoelaces — bunny ears style — I asked:

twitpic 6

twitpic 26

Reservation confirmed.

twitpic 7

twitpic 8

And the race was on. Still had to go refuel since the gas tank was lighting up empty. Shhh! Just say you’re farther than you really are.

twitpic 11

twitpic 13

twitpic 12

J-Rock and I were going so fast that by the time that the “210” update was sent…we were well on our way to the connecting 605. Fifteen miles past Glendora.

twitpic 14

twitpic 15

Ummm…not really?

twitpic 16

We got off on the wrong exit! J-Rock asked a hardcore-looking cholo where Melrose was.

“It’s down three streets that way, ey.”

Rubber was burned.

twitpic 17

twitpic 18

twitpic 19

Time was ticking, the bat signal was fading. My Hyundai Elantra’s speedometer quickly raised from the speed limit to a modest 60 MPH on the Melrose city streets.

twitpic 20

Our sole cheerleader hoped we made it:

twitpic 21

And made it we did to a round of applause from the industry crowd that greeted us.

twitpic 22

geoff keighley donald mustard carlos pic

Back home after an overjoyed, completely safe and legal drive back…

twitpic 25

I had to beat the traffic and make an hour and a half drive in 45 mins, but guess what? Geoff gave me an extra Shadow Complex code to give away to a friend so they didn’t have to!

Luckily for you guys, my closest friends are PS3 owners (yeah, I know, boo!) so I’ll be giving it out to a random reader here. Leave a comment below and/or on my post on Bitmob. I’ll probably keep it going ’til Friday night at 9pm PST and email the winner with the code to get the game in time for the weekend.

Thanks goes out to my brother for making the drive a bit more safe than it would’ve otherwise been by replying to Geoff on my cell phone (directly linked to Twitter updates through Skynet) along the way.

And, of course, to Geoff Keighly, N’Gai Croal, Pete Wanat (who granted me an apropos “Fast and the Furious” Trilogy Bluray Pack upon my arrival), Donald and Laura Mustard for patiently waiting for me after they had been kicked out of Comme Ca Restaurant.

[UPDATE: A winner appears! Ryan Schuster won the code. Thanks for reading and all the great comments everyone.]


80 Responses to “Fast and Furious: A Shadow Complex Twit-Tale”

  1. StLouisRibs Says:

    Can I have it? Please?

  2. What an amazing tale of wonderment.

  3. danny garcia Says:

    awesome story commerce is alittle far away from me couldn’t make the drive your lucky..but yeah i want code lol

  4. hey, congrats on the code, it was one crazy ride i see πŸ™‚
    Maybe i’ll be lucky too πŸ™‚

  5. Good man! That’s dedication! Gratz from over the pond here in the UK.

  6. oneshotfinch Says:

    Lucky you! Good thing he waiting for ya.

  7. SpankyMcShif Says:

    Wow, I read it. Can’t believe you actually drove that far for a Shadow Complex code. Lol.

  8. Tremendous. I probably would have done the same thing, but getting on a plane from the UK seems pretty unrealistic lol. Congrats dude

  9. Woah man, really enjoyed the story…if it was me i probably wouldnt of drove that far cause im lazy lol. ive been trying to win a code for shadow complex the past couple days…will you be the one to fulfill my need for a code? πŸ˜‰

  10. Bryan Willett Says:

    Dude, great story. Congrats on getting there, and congrats on not getting pulled over lol.

    Had I been close, I would have done the exact same thing. Enjoy the game!

    New Brunswick, Canada

  11. This is a pretty awesome way to get a code. Very cool of them. If the car had broken down, would you have left it where it was and start hoofin it there? πŸ˜€

  12. What a guy! Haha worth the drive then? And also have you met him before or was that the first? XD

    I would like the code pleasseeeee πŸ™‚

  13. :O, that’s a great story. You did it really well. btw, I want one code πŸ™‚

  14. Erik Hansen Says:

    Hey! That is an awesome read! Glad you were able to meet them and get the code! Hopefully I can win your extra code, kinnda tight on money and really want to play the game!

  15. Great story man! Way to show those lazy jerks how it is done lol. Got linked here from Keighley’s tweet.

  16. Myles Morley Says:

    That really is an awesome story that made me smile =D So glad you got it man. *Adds to bookmarks*

  17. Awesome! It was a long way for a 15$ code but meeting all these people is not something u can do everyday.

    Congrats Carlos!

  18. Gear story…… Can I have the code!?

  19. JabChrisJab Says:

    Awesome story! It sounded kind of intense to try and get there, but I’m glad you did. That’s pretty nice that you got to meet them and get 2 codes.

  20. Wow, that’s pretty awesome. Now, if only someone could make an XBLA driving game based on this . . .

  21. Helluva story man, I probably would’ve done the same, but living in the Middle East doesn’t exactly cut the odds to my favor, like, at all lol

    But what I’m really quite jealous of is that you got to meet the coolest people in the industry, I watch Bonus Round and GTTV ever since they debuted and Geoff’s my fave. Admire what he’s become.

    Enjoy it bro, tried the trial version and my god that game was crafted with lots of care & dedication.

  22. I ment to say great story, stupid autofill… Lol

  23. Nice article there writer sir. What your friends only have a PS3 haven’t they ever heard of diversifying there assets. That must have been a good moment to meet that guy from the PS blog.(nigs look a like) the end.

  24. Lucky bastard, I was going to go, but Mapquest kept telling me there was no Melrose in Louisiana. Stupid mapquest

  25. Very nice story. I would of done the same thing. Sure, you could of probably bought two copies of shadow complex for the price of gas it took to get there, but meeting them adds to the enjoyment of getting the code.

  26. Epic tale. Glad to hear you met some of the brightest minds in the industry! Is Geoff as cool in person as he is on GTTV?

  27. Steve Dutzy Says:

    i can haz the Complex of Shadows?

  28. Nice road trip πŸ™‚ I followed it on twitter, from another continent but it felt so close.

  29. Vulgar Rhombus Says:

    That is one H-core story PS could I have that code?

  30. I’m just thinking, and this might just be me, but do you think the gas money would cost more than Shadow Complex?

    Aside from that, congrats! You also met Geoff and N’Gai too!

    That Fast and Furious thing is HILARIOUS!

  31. Nicely done. Good of him to wait for you a little bit.

  32. Well done on meeting the guys and getting the prize! I was following Geoff on twitter but missed out on picking up a Shadow Complex code. You had to be really quick! I’m in New Zealand so showing up at the restaurant was out of the question! Enjoy the game πŸ™‚

  33. Awesome story! I’m glad you triumphed in the face of speed limits and exit signs.

  34. Crazy story! I expected someone close to the restaurant to just appear while you were on your way, but I’m glad you made it before someone else did.

  35. Cheerleader here, cool story. =]

  36. hintzilla Says:

    ridiculous story. if stuff like this happened in wisconsin (or any part of the midwest for that matter), i’d be doing the same thing. nice work, man.

  37. That is an epic story!

  38. Congrats, dude. You really went the distance.

  39. Cool story. I was following the events on twitter and was happy for you when they reported that you made it.

  40. Sdawg36 Says:

    Cool story, glad you made it there on time and safely

  41. Really nice story! I live in Brazil so it would be impossible to go πŸ˜€ I also admire some people in the industry that i would like to meet, such as Michael Pachter, Geoff Keighley, the Angry VideoGame Nerd and others. You were really fortunate to have this opportunity and it was nice that you made it πŸ™‚ Congratulations for the code and for the experience!

  42. SlimJim0725 Says:

    That was a great read, glad you made it in time and that they awarded you extra for coming all the way out there.

  43. Absolutely brilliant story, if the flight from the UK was 45 minutes i’d have come to witness the whole event, oh wait… no i wouldn’t I’m a broke ass student. Epic (get it) dedication, very well done.

  44. Mirpkered Says:

    That is really awesome that you got to meet him! I have to say that anyone that is willing to do what you did deserves what you got. Congratulations on your code and blu-ray movies!

  45. please can I have it? and this was the most incredible thing ever!

  46. Joshua Williams Says:

    Can I have the code please? The game is so awesome, but I am 400 points short!

  47. Haha this is a great story.

  48. That sounds like an opportunity of a life-time! Congratulations! I have always wanted to meet actual game developers, Geoff Keighly and game analysts. You are really lucky to see them, something you will be very proud about, I’m glad to know you feel the journey is just as much as worth it and seriously THANK YOU for making/posting a blog about this experience because coming from someone living in an isolated part of the UK (and events/opportunities such as this are entirely non-existant) I love reading such exciting user experiences.

    I sincerly hope you look back at this experience sometime in the future as a happy one and enjoy the game!

  49. nice amigo bien hecho!!!, greetings from guadalajara, jalisco!!!

  50. Great story! That’s dedication πŸ™‚

  51. PvtDonutDJ88 Says:

    Carlos, Nice Job!! Hoping your enjoying Shadow Complex , cause I want to too!!

  52. Great story! Would love the Shadow Complex code please – thanks!

  53. Johnny Bravo Says:

    Congrats! Very optimistic.

  54. that sounds like something i would do if i was bored, it was summer, if a bunch of friends went with me, i lived near, and someone else was paying for the gas! looked fun lol πŸ™‚

  55. all i can say is u must have been happy face

  56. Canis Firebrand Says:

    Nice story with a great ending and a little bit of an adrenaline rush to the finish.

    Hope I get lucky and you pick my comment.

  57. Shagrath Says:

    Super awesome story, man!

    Hope I win that code! πŸ™‚

  58. Carlos Macias Says:

    In case you guys are wondering…I’m using to
    pick the winner and if you comment on Bitmob, you’ll get
    counted twice. Don’t use the same comment, though! πŸ˜‰

  59. Ha!! Wicked story and totally worth it to meet those guys and get free stuff too!!

  60. Haha thats an amzing story. You rock man. If I werent in south america, with out an americann visa, and with enought time… I surely will do the same! enjoy the great game… and please visit my blog! πŸ˜€

  61. aw that sounds awesome, would also like 2 meet geoff & n’gai

  62. Everything sounds great, except the part about the Fast and Furious Blu-ray pack. It kinda feel like coal in your stocking.

    But besides that, I hope you’re enjoying the game and I hope you enjoyed meeting Keighley, N’Gai, Pete Wanat, etc.

    Congrats. πŸ™‚

  63. Andvary Says:

    Well that was a cool adventure, Keighley and company were awesome for waiting for you, so cool :), I’d love to try Shadow Complex, so count me in please.

  64. Jonathan Says:

    Wow i was thinking of doing it but i live 3000 miles away lol oh well good work u deserve it and ill take that extra code if u still have it

  65. Super Mario Says:

    Wow, kinda cool story.
    You can twitter in your car, train whatever…
    Seems everybody in the US has an iPhone or similar do browse through the internet. Would love to have it here.

  66. Oh Man, that’s pretty sweet. Actually surprised you were the fast to get there with such a long drive a head of you. Even with the cost of the petrol, meetings those dudes is totally worth it.

    Question though, how do you see the messages others sent to Geoff Keighley? I’ve been wondering about that, because sometimes I can onyl see one half of a conversation and it’s confusing :s

  67. Hey man nice story to tell the kids!

  68. Luciano Says:

    man, thats a true gamer xD

    If I live in USA, I’d do the same xD
    I’m from Brazil, so these things will never happen down here hahah


  69. awesome story.

  70. Great story!

  71. DJ SHOT Says:

    That’s amazing and FULL OF WIN — Shadow Complex and F&F Bluray !!!

  72. Hamalope Says:

    That truly is a great story. Now gimme the spare code!

  73. Great story – and code would be much appreciated!

  74. It was probably the bunny-ears shoe-tying that gave you the edge you needed. Congrats from a fellow bunny-ears proponent :-).

  75. SteveyW Says:

    That’s awesome, dude! You wrote that story so well, it looked like it was by a journalist! I would have loved to meet the team like you did. That must have been an action-packed drive! You must have had one hell of a night. πŸ˜›
    But, I bet all of the Shadow Complex playing payed off. How are you doing on it so far? I tried the trial out, and I had an absolute blast. I was disappointed with the fact that it was so short! Maybe an extra code will help me out? πŸ˜‰

    Regardless of what I said, congratulations to you. You are a true hero amongst the code-wanters!

  76. Disco Ball Says:

    Damn lucky you, I wish he was in PA!!!! The demo of this game rocks, wish i had the points to get it but i spent them on trials hd.

  77. […] Originally posted from Fast and Furious: A Shadow Complex Twit-Tale […]

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