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Childhood Stories: Bioshock Review

Posted in Childhood Stories with tags , , , , , on September 29, 2009 by Carlos Macias

Unlike his big brother, Brian doesn’t believe in writer’s block. Whether that’s because he’s only 9 years old and doesn’t know what that is or simply because he’s destined to be a master wordsmith with no imaginary borders is yet to be determined. At any rate, Brian gives you his take on the original Bioshock and previews its much-anticipated sequel in this edition of “Childhood Stories.”

bioshock-20Have you heard a game called Plants Vs Zombies that game is so fun you get one plant and it would shoot the zombies down. We used to play these game called Bioshock first you go into the submarine and then you go to these city underwater called Rapture. Then you find a gathering garden where you get these pointy thing then you get a electricity hand. To shock people you could also shock them in water you find a wrench and you have to find different kinds of guns. Continue reading


Childhood Stories: Brian’s First Post

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In this edition of “Childhood Stories,” Brian lets you know about his favorite free gaming sites Agame and Andkon. As an added bonus he gives you an in-depth look at Halo 3: ODST and Scribblenauts.

charles-schulz-peanuts-think-big have you heard a website call it is fun you could pick games every day they have new games. For the website to play it is fun to play agame its like other webites but more diffent then andkon arcade.Andkon arcade has a bunchs of games it so cool to play these games.then the new game that came out for the xbox 360 was halo odst the games look fun there these one called firefight mode were you have to destory aliens in waves that game is so fun to play.My big brother almost beat the game with his friend the game cost $60 for halo odst. The new game for the ds is called scribblenauts that game cost $30 but the game is superfun you could write a background, or guns, and food you could write anthing.A new sytem of the psp is coming in october 1 they are called psp minis and psp go.THanks for joing me in these new sytem and games and webites

sincrely brian macias