Childhood Stories: Bioshock Review

Unlike his big brother, Brian doesn’t believe in writer’s block. Whether that’s because he’s only 9 years old and doesn’t know what that is or simply because he’s destined to be a master wordsmith with no imaginary borders is yet to be determined. At any rate, Brian gives you his take on the original Bioshock and previews its much-anticipated sequel in this edition of “Childhood Stories.”

bioshock-20Have you heard a game called Plants Vs Zombies that game is so fun you get one plant and it would shoot the zombies down. We used to play these game called Bioshock first you go into the submarine and then you go to these city underwater called Rapture. Then you find a gathering garden where you get these pointy thing then you get a electricity hand. To shock people you could also shock them in water you find a wrench and you have to find different kinds of guns.

Then you find a pistol, it was funny that this lady was taking care of the pistol like a baby. The game is kind of hard to beat. If you get stuck you could see an arrow to tell you where to go. I beat the game in 1 week. I forget to tell you about the Little Sisters you could save them or haverst them the game is so fun to play. The ending is kind of sad. You could be a Big Daddy in that game, they give you codes to get get guns and ammo is so easy to play.

The game is easy when you could find more stuff then there was bosses that were easy and some that are hard. And the Little Sisters are always with the Big Daddy, you could get a Little Sister when your a Big Daddy. The Little Sisters would be in the little holes. That’s all for today folks see you next time.

Sneak peek of Bioshock 2

You go underwater again tired of finding his family you could get the drill of the Big Daddy and you could get two guns at the same time. There are Big Sisters and Little Sisters when you are a Big Daddy you could get the Little Sisters to follow you. That’s the whole sneak peek of Bioshock 2. I will write more stories when Bioshock 2 comes out. Next year Bioshock 2 comes out.


2 Responses to “Childhood Stories: Bioshock Review”

  1. Valuable info and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for giving your ideas and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

  2. Thanks for reading! Been trying to get little brothers to write more stuff, but I guess they’re too busy doing their elementary schoolwork! That, or playing Halo 3.

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