Viral Play, Episode 8 – Jeramy Lowe Edition

Oh, noooo! Just when we get the podcast up and running on the iTunes, we stumble on network/bandwidth/nonsense issues. Unfortunately, for now, we’ll have to go back to just streaming and downloading through the ever-reliable DivShare. Thanks for those of you who’ve already subscribed and we’re looking for ways to keep you updated.

This week on the show Carlos and Louie welcome *ahem* Senior Airman, Communications, Cable, and Antenna Maintenance Journeyman Jeramy Lowe. He tells us about his misadventures while on leave, comparisons between Air Force life and the media’s depiction of it, and we finish it up with his motivation to enlist. Sit back, relax, and listen in on our latest historical document…

Click through to download Viral Play, Episode 8

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