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Viral Play – Mess Hall Ep. 5

Posted in Podcasts with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 5, 2010 by Carlos Macias

After some extensive, extensive editing here’s Mess Hall’s new year episode. Don’t worry, even after cuts most of the foolishness still remained for you to frown upon. All our friends came out including last week’s guest, Jeramy Lowe, Ariel and Adrian Otero, Carlos Macias, Louie Recinos, “Jrock,” Elias Valenzuela, and plenty more.

Mainly, we tried talking about Adrian’s recent trip to England but the conversation quickly scattered into “disorganized chaos” covering Bioshock-esque underwater tunnels, Jamaican lager, a couple of local stories, missing gloves, the definition of a rotation, and Eddie’s Capitalism minute.

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Viral Play – Mess Hall Ep. 2

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untitledYes, we know. Last “Mess Hall” was…well, a mess. This time around, though, Ariel and Adrian Otero worked their producing magic to level the sounds and edit this week’s podcast down to the nice, entertaining .mp3 you’ll hear today.

Topics discussed this week include: Adrian’s England roundabout trip, meeting girls in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Little Caesars’ heartburn, getting old at 22, consumer responsibility, Uncharted 2, and are the Kings of Leon whack?

As mentioned on the show, you can plan your worldwide, altruistic traveling with Couch Surfing.

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Viral Play, Episode 4 — Jimmy Moreno Edition

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On this week’s podcast Carlos and Louie welcome “The Idol” director, Jimmy Moreno, into our lil’ makeshift studio. To commemorate Halloween we talk horror flicks, mainstream vs. indie movies, animation, and get film tips straight from our guest filmmaker. Sit back, relax, and listen in on our latest historical document…

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You can check out Jimmy’s short film, “The Idol,” at Vimeo.

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